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Facts about Us

Today Inter Auto Group - one of the largest transportation logistics companies in North-West region.

Inter Auto Group was set up on March 15, 2001, when vehicle shipping market began to emerge. As car dealerships were springing up, it resulted in the demand for vehicle shipping. The car sales were growing. The market began to need a serious transportation operator that would be capable of providing vehicle shipping services at a high level. Market need for high quality vehicle shipping services was what drove us to set up our company.
In 2003, our company kept growing and obtained a status of valid IAVT member.
In 2004, our company entered into a general Honda cars import agreement to the territory of Russia with Honda's representative office.
Focused on the needs of our customers, in 2005, Inter Auto Group decided to expand its services into container shipping. The first customer to use this service was Honda Motor RUS.  
In 2007, Inter Auto Group became a valid member of the European Car Carrier Association.  
On March 2008, Inter Auto Group entered into an agreement with Volkswagen to carry Volkswagen cars across Russia.

In 2010, Inter Auto Group entered into long-term contract with Glovis RUS to carry Hyundai cars.

In 2011, the project of carrying Hyundai cars on car carriers Hyundai was successfully launched.

Today, Inter Auto Group, Ltd is the leading transportation and logistics company in the Northwestern region. Our car carriers conduct vehicle shipping both on the international and the local levels for customers from across Russia. In order to perform shipping, Inter Auto uses both its own modern fleet and the fleet of its partners, the quality and reliability of which was tested by a long time cooperation.  

Each year we increase our headcount, the number of units in our fleet, the total number of shipments to the benefit of our customers and extend a range of services.

Inter Auto Group is successfully developing its activities in logistics and customs clearance and has unique experience in vehicle shipping, vehicle logistics and cargo shipment, applying a number of delivery schemes. All departments work within a single time and technological environment, which allows us to monitor shipping process at any point and make any adjustments.